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Saturday Sessions 3 B ~ SATURDAY March 2 ~ 5 games ~ at Reservoir
Saturday Sessions 3 C ~ SATURDAY March 16 ~ 5 games ~ at Reservoir
Nunawading ~ SUNDAY March 31 ~ 7 games ~ at Box Hill
National Championship & Plate ~ April 20-22 ~ 24 games ~ in Hobart
Saturday Sessions 3 D ~ SATURDAY April 27 ~ 5 games ~ at Reservoir
Scrabble Generations ~ SUNDAY May 19 ~ 7 games ~ at Reservoir

For full details of tournaments click HERE

Summer Fun at Box Hill ~ February 17, 2019

David Eldar's High Game Board - score 666
Click the pic to enlarge

Tournament Director and Organiser, Carol
54 people gathered to compete in this 7 game event, one of the last to be held at Box Hill Senior Citizens Centre due to rising charges for the use of the venue. TD Carol Johnsen welcomed Ruth McInerney who is visiting from overseas, and it was good to see Edward Okulicz - Edward is now residing in Victoria, having relocated from New South Wales.
Players were divided into four sections - Advocaat, Brandy, Cointreau and Daiquiri, and a box of chocolates was awarded for the best "Summer" word - this was won by June Valentine for her play of the word "SUN". Everyone was well nourished thanks to Carol and Angie Pearse, who acted as standby player for the day. Thanks for doing that job, Angie.
Well done to all winners and placegetters, and safe travels to David Eldar who is heading back to England shortly.

DAIQUIRI: Rena Aitken (3rd), June Valentine
(Best Summer Word), Angie Winkler (High
Game 486), Balada Catanchin (High Word
ZARIBAS 129), Elize Plaganyi (2nd),
Gayle Cameron (1st)

COINTREAU: Khwanjai Thammaping (1st),
Christiane McCann (High Word JOGGERS
111), John Parker (2nd & High Game 497),
and Kannan Sethuraman (3rd)

BRANDY: Rob York (High Game 528),
June Valentine (3rd), Paula Messer (2nd),
Shirley De Silva (High Word JOINTERS 98,
and John Rider (1st)

ADVOCAAT: David Eldar (High Game 666),
Anand Bharadwaj (High Word CAPTIVES
194), Nick Ivanovski (1st), Peter Kougi
(2nd), Andrew Fisher (3rd)

The first of the Saturday Sessions for 2019! February 2nd

The first of eight of these tournaments for 2019 attracted an excellent field of 44 players, including Caroline Scowcroft from Queensland. The event was again run smoothly by Organiser and Tournament Director, Nick Ivanovski - well done, Nick. Its an advantage to play in as many of these Sessions as you can as there are generous prizes awarded at the conclusion of the first four, and another set of prizemoney is given out at the end of Session 8, with overall prizes covering the eight events also awarded.

Division A winner, David Eldar

Winner of Div B, Geoff Wright

Kashi Thiris, Div C Winner

Div D winner, Dianne Gibson

Robin Steward, winner of Div E

Div F winner, Christiane McCann

Oscar Ivanovski, Div G winner

Nick Ivanovski, hard at work
Thanks to Nick Ivanovski and Khwanjai Thammaping for the use of their photos.

The CSIM and Australia Day Tournament in Sydney, January 2019

The City of Sydney Masters and the Australia Day Tournaments attracted good numbers this year - 65 played the 8-game one-day event on January 26th, and 58 took part in the 18 game CSIM, held over two days on Sunday and Monday of the long weekend.

Andrew Fisher, first CSIM, with NSW President Bob Jackman

Edward Okulicz, second CSIM

Ryan Sutton, third CSIM

David Eldar, fourth CSIM
Several international players competed in both events and the winner of the CSIM, following a tough battle which several players had a chance of winning, was Andrew Fisher from Victoria. Andrew finished on 13 wins, ahead on margin only from Edward Okulicz and Ryan Sutton, both from New South Wales. Victorians filled the next three places, namely David Eldar, Naween Fernando and Trevor Halsall. The High Game award was won by Russell Honeybun from Western Australia for his score of 668 points, and the High Word award went to Carmel Dodd from South Australia for her play of EROTEMAS for 154. Well played, all!

Naween Fernando, fifth CSIM

Trevor Halsall, sixth CSIM

Peter Kougi, first Australia Day event

Adam Kretschmer, second Australia Day event
The Australia Day event was won by Peter Kougi from Victoria, closely followed by Adam Kretschmer from South Australia and Noel Barrett from the Australian Capital Territory. Both the High Game and High Word awards were won by Sue Gergelifi from New South Wales for her score of 623 points and her play of DISRATES for 140 points. Well done, everyone!
Congrats to New South Wales on running another successful tournament at the Bankstown Sports Club, and thanks to Sharon Sorenson for the use of her photos.
To check the 2019 CSIM results click HERE
And to see the full results of the Australia Day Tournament click HERE

Vale Lorna Patching, 2 February 1927 to 20 January 2019

It was with sadness we heard the news of Lorna's passing, at home as was her deepest wish, with her family around her following a long battle with cancer. Lorna had been a loyal and much loved Scrabble player in Victoria for many years. Her courtesy, sense of fairness and gentle nature made her a popular opponent,and all will remember the twinkle in her eye and her wonderful sense of humour.
As well as Scrabble Lorna loved crosswords and all sorts of puzzles and her favourite pastime was working on Word Codes after having the one available clue “whited out”. Her spare time was taken up with charity work of various sorts, and caring lovingly for her family. Lorna and Alan had four children but, sadly, her two sons predeceased her. Lorna will be greatly missed by Alan and their daughters Margaret and Rosemary, and extended family and friends.
Rest peacefully, Lorna, your Scrabble friends will miss you too.

2019 kicks off with the Bil Rose Aestival ~ January 13th, at Box Hill

Sixty-two players played in this year's Aestival, held in memory of our Guiness Book of Records legend Bil Rose. As the Australian Open Tennis event is contested at the same time Tournament Organiser (and standby-player) Carol Johnsen ran a theme word competition for the "Best Tennis Word" and the judges chose the word DEUCE played by John Ryan, who received a ground pass for Monday January 21st. It was good to see B.J.Winzer back at tournament play after an absence of ten years, well done, B.J.
The round robin sections were mainly named after our Aussie tennis players, and winners were as follows - AIAVA division was won by Andrew Fisher (7 wins), BARTY by Geoff Wright (6 wins), CABRERA by Noel Coulter (5 wins), DE MINAUR by Kris Howat (5 wins), EBDEN by Dominica Krstic (5.5 wins), FEDERER by Anne Menheere (6 wins), GAVRILOVA by Balada Catanchin (6 wins), and Oscar Ivanovski won all 7 games for a clean sweep of HEWITT. Well done everyone, especially the two who won all 7 games!

A-C winners, Noel Coulter, Geoff Wright
and Andrew Fisher

D-H winners, Kris Howat, Oscar Ivanovski,
Balada Catanchin and Dominica Krstic

David Eldar

Fintan Conway

Angie Winkler and Faye Leeder, relaxing
at the end of the day
Two High Word and two High Game prizes were awarded, with the top four sections combined, as were the lower four sections. The AIAVA-DE MINAUR awards went to David Eldar for his game score of 615 points and his great play of JEHADIST worth 194 points. The EBDEN-HEWITT prize for High Game went to B.J.Winzer for his excellent score of 516, and the High Word Award went to Fintan Conway for playing LENDERS for 99 points. Good play, all.
Thank you to all who assisted with the running of the event, and for setting up and tidying up afterwards, and to Christie Godby for looking after our nutritional needs so well for the day. Our next event sees the return of the Saturday Sessions, with the first of eight for the year kicking off on February 2nd at Reservoir.

To check the 2018 Aestival results click HERE

The DECATHON - last Victorian tournament for the year! 30/12/2018

After some latish entries and sadly some unavoidable cancellations 62 players took part in this year's 10 game Decathon, held at the Box Hill Centre, possibly at this venue for the last time. Players were divided into four sections according to their ratings - Masters, Advanced, Intermediate and Recreation.
We welcomed John McNaughton from New Zealand, John Hamilton from the Australian Capital Territory, and Karen and Paul Richards from Queensland. Thank you all for coming, as always it was good to see you all. Standby player for the day was myself (Marj Miller), and our refreshment needs were looked after by Leah Frajman - thanks, Leah!

MASTERS: Peter Kougi, Geoff Wright, Anand
Bharadwaj, Naween Fernando and David Eldar

The ADVANCED winners: Geoff Shepheard,
Sandra Masel and John McNaughton

Peter Bauer, the 2018 Country Champion, was
presented with his trophies by Carol Johnsen
In Masters an unwell David Eldar came out on top, get better soon, David. He finished clear on margin from Naween Fernando with both achieving 9 wins. Peter Kougi slotted into third place on 7 wins, closely followed by Carol Johnsen who had a lovely day out on the tiles. Anand Bharadwaj took home the High Game award for his score of 577 and Geoff Wright played LOITERED for 122 points to win the High Word award.
Advanced saw New Zealander John McNaughton in a tight tussle with local Sandra Masel, with both finishing on 9 wins and John ahead on margin by just 47 points, well done to you both. Third place was filled by Geoff Shepheard on 7 wins. The High Game award went to John McNaughton for his score of 554, and Barry Harridge and Rob Hutchinson shared the High Word prize for their respective plays of FLAMIER and MEEKEST, both scoring 110.

Winners in INTERMEDIATE: Sylvia Galloway,
June Valentine, Rob York and Jeremy Yip

RECREATION winners: Jenny Plant, Laura Khan,
Elize Plaganyi, Oscar Ivanovski and Annette Casey

Thanks to Christie Godby and Sandra Masel for
doing the presentations for me! Great job, girls!
In INTERMEDIATE Jeremy Yip claimed all 10 games to place first, well done, Jeremy, a brilliant effort. Second place went to Rob York on 7 games, followed by Sylvia Galloway also with 7 wins. Sylvia also claimed the High Game award for her score of 508, and June Valentine played JONTIES for 111 points to win the High Word award.
RECREATION:This turned out to be the toughest section, with the first four placegetters all winning 7 games. As this was the smallest section the last round was played as King of The Hill, which meant that some players played each other for the second time. At the end of the day Jenny Plant placed first, followed closely by Laura Khan, Annette Casey, and Angie Winkler - well played, all. The High Game award went to a very happy Oscar Ivanovski for a brilliant score of 516 and the High Word award was won by Elize Plaganyi for her play of STRINGED for 91 points.

These players achieved notable ratings gains: Jeremy Yip +91, John McNaughton +86, Sandra Masel +79, Carol Johnsen +70, Paul Richards +46, Jenny Plant +43 and Glenys Dettmann +40.
Thanks to all the helpers who did a sterling job on the day, as Tournament Director I really appreciated your assistance! I couldn't have done it without you. Some who come to mind are Norma Fisher, Barry Harridge, Carol Johnsen and Heather Long, and Geoff Shepheard and Rob York who are such a great team when it comes time to tidy up - and my thanks to those I've forgotten to mention!
To check the 2018 Decathon results click HERE

Coming up - The Alchemist Cup, in Penang, Malaysia - December 5-9th, 2018

Michael Tang has put many hours into organising the Alchemist Cup, a follow-on from previous teams divisions at his Causeway Challenge events. Well done, Michael, there is a lot of anticipation in the world Scrabble scene about this prestigious tournament, featuring ten teams of 5 players who will play 45 games over five days against the other teams. Those taking part are from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Rest of Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, East Africa, the United States, and the Rest of the World. Best of luck to our five Australians, who together won the Causeway Challenge Team event in 2006 and 2008!

Victory for the Team from Oz in 2006

David Eldar

Chris May

Edward Okulicz

Andrew Fisher

Naween Fernando
Full details of the tournament can be found at the Alchemist Cup website - click on the various headings to find the draw for the entire event, and a list of games which will be streamed live over the five days - a feast for Scrabblers who love to follow the ups and downs of an event. Thanks to Michael and his team - Kumar Nathanael Elijah, responsible for live streaming each round, commentators Jesse Matthews and Jason Katz-Brown, and to our Aussie Webmaster Barry Harridge for their efforts in presenting this event to the world.
UPDATE AFTER DAY 3: At the end of Day One Australia were placed 8th, and had moved up to 4th place by the end of Day 2. Now, after Day 3 our team is leading the field, with 16 games left to play. Well done, team, this is a great effort!
AT THE END OF DAY 4: Thirty-nine games have been completed and in a very tight situation Australia are tied with the U.S.A. in top spot, but are ahead on the number of games won (4.5 games up), while being behind on spread - placings are decided firstly on the number of rounds won, then the number of games won, and then on overall spread. With some tough rounds left to play tomorrow it will be an interesting day, with play starting at 11 am AEDT.

The happy winners - David Eldar, Naween Fernando, Chris May, Andrew Fisher and
Edward Okulicz, with Michael Tang, Tournament Organiser

Having fun - the back view of the "boys".

In the commentary box, late in the tournament.
This became an absolute nailbiter, with the USA gradually narrowing the lead on Australia, and the Rest of the World Team also threateningly close. Going into the last round Australia were one round ahead of the USA, and needed to win the final round to clinch a convincing victory. The USA needed Australia to lose the round 0-5, and their team needed to win their round 5-0 against Nigeria.
Australia played the Rest of the World, losing the round 1-4, and the USA won against Nigeria 4-0, resulting in a two game victory to Australia.
Congratulations to our amazing players, a brilliant team effort from all!

The next Alchemist Cup will take place at the same venue - G Hotel Gurney, Penang, Malaysia - from 2-6th December 2020, and the following countries will be invited to compete - Australia, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA and the Rest of the World.
Thank you to those who took the photos, the use of them is appreciated. Click here for the link to the website.

Naween, 28 wins

David, 28 wins

Chris, 28 wins

Andrew, 25 wins

Edward, 24 wins


Saturday December 12 2018, and be resuming on February 2 2019
Ballarat Tuesday December 18 Tuesday January 8
Balwyn Monday December 17 Monday January 7
Bentleigh Monday December 17 Monday February 4
Box Hill Tuesday December 18 Tuesday February 5
Cranbourne Wednesday December 12 Wednesday January 9
Essendon Tuesday December 4 Tuesday February 5
FaNS Monday December 17 Monday January 7
Frankston Wednesday December 5 Wed January 9, if temperature less than 34 degrees
Frankston Nth Saturday December 8 Saturday February 2
Geelong Saturday December 15 Saturday January 12
Golden Age Wednesday December 12 Monday January 7
Greensborough Tuesday December 18 Tuesday January 8
Langwarrin Tuesday December 4 Tuesday January 29
Mt Martha Tuesday December 18 Tuesday January 8
Nunawading Tuesday December 18. Breakup
dinner at 6pm at the Mitcham Hotel
Tuesday January 8
Paynesville Tuesday December 18
Tuesday January 8
Rosanna Thursday December 13 Thursday February 14
Sunbury Wednesday December 5 Wednesday January 9
Watsonia Wednesday December 12 Wednesday January 30
Welshpool Monday December 17 Monday February 11
Wodonga Thursday December 20 Thursday January 17

The Sunbury Tournament, December 1, 2018

Twenty-five players ended up contesting this very pleasant event, after one of the expected attendees sadly became lost on her way to the venue at the Ball Court Hotel in Sunbury, and another simply didn't show up, which is always disappointing. Norma Fisher enjoyed organising the tournament in her home town, which is a short drive from Melbourne. Part of the entry fee went towards lunch at the hotel, and this was most enjoyable, with the hotel staff doing a great job of presenting our meals on time and in a very friendly manner. Thanks for your hard work, Norma, and also the Ball Court staff.

Division C winners: Cherry Chapman, Faye
Leeder and Elizabeth McKean

Division B: Glen Chandler, Noel Coulter
and Sandra Masel

Division A: Angie Pearse, David Eldar,
Marj Miller and Carol Johnsen

Relaxing between games: Dianne Gibson,
Kris Howat and Dorothy Barraclough
Division C produced the highlight of the day when Faye Leeder won all six games, and she was delighted with her efforts. Well done, Faye! Second place went to Elizabeth McKean with four wins, and in third place was Ashley McKeon on three wins. Cherry Chapman's score of 437 won her the High Game Award, and Elizabeth McKean played OUTSIZES for 98 points to win the High Word prize.
Division B was a closely fought battle with Sandra Masel victorious on five wins, ahead of Lynn Weaver and Noel Coulter, both on four wins. Noel's score of 472 won him the High Game Award, and Glen Chandler's play of WARDERS for 98 points secured her the High Word Award.
Division A saw a win to David Eldar who is home from England for a visit, prior to representing Australia in Penang next weekend in the Alchemist Cup. It looked as if David would make a clean sweep of the six games played until Carol Johnsen "showed him how its done" (David's words) in the last game. Nice play, Carol, and a well-deserved second place. Third place went to Angie Pearse, and David scored 604 to take out the High Game Award, with the High Word Award going to Marj Miller for her play of EMERITI for 96 points.
Great ratings gains were achieved by Faye Leeder +87, Carol Johnsen +33, and Sandra Masel +29. Well done, everyone.
To check the full results of the 2018 Sunbury Tournament click HERE

The Trans Tasman Challenge - in Dunedin, New Zealand ~ November 16/18, 2018

After a weekend of keenly-fought Scrabble in Dunedin, New Zealand, the results were Australia 157 wins over New Zealand 131. The individual overall honours went to Dylan Early from New Zealand on 19 wins, clear of Australia's Ron Baginski and Tony Hunt, both on 16 wins, followed by Howard Warner(NZ) and John Holgate with 15 wins apiece. Well done Australia, Dylan and all placegetters.

The Australians, back: Karen Richards, John Holgate,
Ryan Sutton, Dianne Brumby, Bob Jackman, David
Vanzyl. Middle: Victor Tung, Ron Baginski, Tony
Hunt, Rod Talbot, Adam Kretschmer, and Graeme
Lock Lee with his ukulele.

The New Zealanders, back: Howard Warner, Joanne
Craig, Peter Sinton, Andrew Bradley, Cicely Bruce.
Middle: Glenda Foster, John Foster, Lynne Butler,
Patrick Carter, Lawson Sue.
Front: Scott Chaput, Dylan Early.

Captain of the Australian team Bob Jackman speaking
after accepting the perpetual Trans Tasman shield,
with Rod Talbot (Australia), Howard Warner (New
Zealand) and Liz Fagerlund (New Zealand)

The overall individual winner Dylan Early
with Howard Warner and Liz Fagerlund, all
from New Zealand

The Fairfield & Northcote Club Tournament ~ November 11, 2018

The second Fairfield and Northcote Scrabble Club tournament hosted 50 players in 4 sections on Sunday 11th November, being the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, which was observed with a minute's silence at 1100 hours. (Special thanks to Tournament Organiser Rob York for this report, for organising and acting as the Standby Player, and for his thoughtful reading of the Ode, which was appreciated by all.)

Division A - Naween Fernando, Geoff Wright,
Shirley De Silva & Anand Bharadwaj

Division B - John Parker, Angie Pearse,
Paula Messer, Lorraine Thomas and
Glen Chandler

Division C winners - Dianne Gibson,
Lynne Goodinson and Christiane McCann

Div D Winners - Angie Winkler, Annette Casey,
Eileen Mills, Marisa Nuccitelli, Elize
Plaganyi and Latha Weerakkody
Division A saw a fine performance from Naween Fernando, who won on margin ahead of Geoff Wright and Anand Bharadwaj, all with six wins. The High Game prize also went to Naween for his score of 635, and Shirley De Silva played UPRAISED for 140 points to win the High Game prize in A.
Division B was won by Angie Pearse, winning six games ahead of Lorraine Thomas with five wins and John Parker leading the pack on four wins. The High Game award went to Glen Chandler for her score of 537, and Paula Messer won the High Word award for her play of Sequins for 105 points.
Division C was tightly fought with Christiane McCann finishing on 5 wins, beating Dorothy Barraclough on margin. Third place went to Dianne Gibson on 4.5 wins, again with a better margin than others. The High Game award was won by Lynne Goodinson for her score of 472, as well as the High Word for her play of EXAMINER for 104 points.
Division D was won by the ever-smiling Latha Weerakkody with six wins. Angie Winkler and Annette Casey took out second and third, separated by margin, whilst Eileen Mills had a High Game of 522. Well done Eileen! An extra prize had to be found, as Marisa Nuccitelli and Elize Plaganyi both had a High Word of 88 points!!

Shirley De Silva played
UPRAISED for 140 points
Click to enlarge

Paula Messer playing Rob York on Table 12,
with Dorothy Barraclough playing Dianne
Gibson at the next board

In Division A, Gwen Lampre plays Mark Tully
nearest the camera, and Katie Rowe plays
Geoff Shepheard

Tidying up at the end of the day - Barry
Harridge, Norma Fisher, Geoff Shepheard &
Rob York
Excellent ratings gains were achieved on the day by Geoff Wright (+57), Christiane McCann (+44), Angie Pearse (+42), Latha Weerakkody(+41) and Mary Mackie (+30). Special thanks to FaNS members Jan Gilmartin and Christie Godby for the superb catering, Marj Miller (TD), Barry Harridge for computer operations and Norma Fisher for her ongoing help with resources.
To see the full results of the 2018 FaNS Tournament click HERE

Saturday Sessions 8 ~ October 27, 2018

This was the final Session for this year, with eight more planned for next year - well done, Nick Ivanovski! Thirty four players competed in five sections, and at the end of the day all winners received medals for their efforts. Presentations were also made to players in various ratings bands who received the greatest number of cumulative points over the eight sessions this year, and these generous cash rewards were appreciated by all recipients.

Overall winners: Christie Godby, John Rider, Glenys Dettmann, Noel Coulter, Andrew Fisher, Naween Fernando

Division A winner,
Naween Fernando

Division B winner,
Rod Casey

Division C winner,
Noel Coulter

Division D winner,
Christie Godby

Division E winner,
Balada Catanchin

Once again thanks to Nick and Clare Ivanovski for running these round robin events, they have proved to be very popular indeed!
To see the full results of the final Session for 2018 click HERE

Vale Carole Eden ~ October 23, 2018

Carole and Mal at the A.G.M. in 2014

Carole with Team Knickerbockers

With Angie Pearse at Tumut

Winners - fun with Marisa and Ann
Carole was a happy and enthusiastic scrabble player, and had been a loyal member of the Victorian Scrabble Association for many years, together with devoted husband Mal. It was always a pleasure to face Carole across the board - she was a very fair and unflappable player, but not reluctant to comment if someone said or did something untoward! Carole had an interesting life, embracing time spent at work, and with family and her many friends. Sadly Carole developed Motor Neurone Disease in 2016, and Mal became chief carer for Carole at their home in Healesville, which was greatly appreciated by Carole as it gave them as much time together as possible.
This was a life well lived, rest peacefully, Carole.

The South Australia - Victoria Border Challenge! Sat/Sunday 20/21st October 2018

The South Australian players, too good again!

The Victorian Team - we'll try again next year!

Dinner on Saturday night - a bit of a wait, but worth it!

18 South Australians and 26 Victorians met at the White Hart Hotel in Horsham to contest the annual Border Challenge, an event that South Australia has now won eight times in succession. Victoria were in a good position on Saturday night after 7 rounds, leading by four games, but a marked slump in form on Sunday morning saw South Australia victorious 92 games to 88.
Some of the Victorian players felt they had been drawn to play too many Vics, but this will always happen when one team has a considerably greater number of players than the other - in previous years the South Australian team has consistently been larger than the Victorian contingent, and they have been playing against each other much more than us Vics have been doing. Short of restricting the number in each team I can see no way to alleviate this happening, and I personally wouldn't be in favour of this.
On a lighter note we all thoroughly enjoyed our weekend in Horsham, and catching up with friends from both states. Bruce and his staff at the White Hart Hotel look after our needs very well, which adds to the enjoyment of the weekend. Thanks to Victoria's Carol Johnsen and helpers for organising this year, and South Australia's Adam Kretschmer for his extensive computer work. Well done to South Australia, we'll do battle again sometime next year!

The overall winners - Michael Cameron (three
prizes!), Antony Kimber and Trevor Tao,
all from South Australia

Rating band winners: Kjwanjai Thammaping (Vic),
Julie Robins (SA), Helen Jones (SA), Dorothy
Barraclough (Vic) and Glenys Dettmann (Vic)

Trevor Tao with his ukulele, about to lead the
South Australians in their victory song -
my congratulations to the South Aussies!

Our lunch spot following the conclusion of play
on Sunday - Khwanjai enjoying her lunch beside
the lovely Wimmera River in Horsham

To check the full results of this Challenge click HERE

The Annual Victorian Country Championship and combined Ballarat Tournament - Saturday 13th October, 2018

Here is a report from Carol Johnsen covering this combined event - thanks Carol, and for the photos.
What a wonderful day at the new venue for the Ballarat Club to host the Victorian Country Championship. The Greyhound Racing Club has plenty of parking, easy access, lovely big tables, comfortable and warm surroundings (remember, this is Ballarat!) and lunch was available around the corner at the equally comfortable Flying Horse bistro at the Trotting venue.
Peter Bauer came home late defeating his partner Heather Long by 6 points in the last game to push her from 2nd to 4th place and take out 2nd place in the section, giving him the title of Country Champion for 2018. Fair enough though, as Heather had already been Country Champion before!
Ballarat Club did themselves proud, along with the delightful and delicious snacks served throughout the day. There were three novices competing from the Ballarat Club with Vera Zylan winning best novice with 3 wins. With the smallish fields the day flowed quickly and was enjoyed by all.
To check the full results of this event click HERE

A Division: Angie Pearse, Kris Howat,
Champion Peter Bauer, Carol Johnsen.

B - Vera Zylan (best novice), Marjorie Clark
(1), Elize Plaganyi (3), Jenny Kearney (2)

Vera Zylan plays Marjorie Clark, the Convenor
of the Ballarat Scrabble Club

The Greyhound Racing Club, where the
Club meets on Tuesdays from 10-3pm

The annual Seniors' Scrabble Day Out! October 11, 2018

The happy winners of all the sections, with winners of door prizes and other various things!
Over 50 keen Scrabble players from various areas descended on the Golden Age Community Centre at 47 Miller Crescent, Mount Waverley, to take part in a social tournament organised by Carol Johnsen and sponsored by the Department of Health and Ageing, and we thank them for their generous support which has allowed this free event to run regularly over the past few years.
Players were divided into groups of four, and competed in 13 divisions named after various flowers - for example, A for Amaryllis through to M for Marigold. Three games were played and the winner of each section received a prize for their efforts, either a box of chocolates or a Scrabble notebook.
Morning tea was served after Game One, and we enjoyed a mix of dips, crackers, fresh fruit and cakes. Lunch was presented after Game Two and had been ordered from Subway and everyone enjoyed the lovely fresh salad rolls with ham, chicken, or tuna, with extra salad supplied for those with special dietary requirements.
Well done to Carol for her organisational and shopping skills, and thank you to the local players, especially Layhoon (pictured kneeling at left above) and Christiane (standing third from the left), who helped out in so many ways with setting up and tidying up at the end of the day.
Everyone seemed to really enjoy their day out, and if anyone would like to join one of the Scrabble groups which meet regularly at the Golden Age Community Centre the times are as follows: Mondays and Wednesdays 9.30am - 3pm, with a very short break over the Christmas period.

Players from the U3A Kingston Scrabble Group - contact U3A
on 9580 8328 to enquire about joining them in Mordialloc!

Organiser Carol Johnsen, with Laura, Juanita, & Christiane
McCann. All play regularly at the Golden Age Scrabble Club.

Members of Scrabble Victoria - Mary Mackie, Dianne
Gibson, Marisa Nuccitelli, Sita Dasika & Betty Egan.

Saturday Sessions, the 7th event for 2018

The start of the day - Game One underway.
Thirty-six players attended Saint Gabriel's school in Reservoir to compete in the seventh Saturday Session, the second last Session for 2018.
All arrived on time, and Organiser/Tournament Director/Standby Player Nick Ivanovski settled in to play to even up the numbers. Thanks to Nick for his hard work, to Clare Ivanovski for her contribution in keeping us well fed, and to Elizabeth McKean for her donation of her legendary jelly slice. Thanks also to all who helped with setting up and tidying up at the end of the day, your help is appreciated!

There were several good performances on the day, with the highest game score of 550 achieved by Andrew Fisher in A Division, closely followed by Mark Tully who scored 525 in Division B. I'm aware of one nice individual play for the day - DITZIEST was played as a four-timer for 122 points, and I'm sure there were many others. Geoff Wright and Naween Fernando opened their game with 5 consecutive bonuses - Naween played PINBONE, MAULGRED, and SATURANT, with Geoff playing GELATION and SWIVELED! What a great start to a game. Two players won all five games in their respective divisions, namely Glenys Dettmann and Marj Miller.
Below is the rogues' gallery from the event - missing is the winner of Division C, John Rider.
To check the full results of Saturday Session 7 click HERE

Division A winner,
Peter Kougi

Division B winner,
Marj Miller

Division D winner,
Glenys Dettmann

Division E winner Ann Goodwin,
with Rob Hutchinson

Division F winner,
Rajiv Armani

The Annual Essendon Tournament ~ September 30, 2018

Here is a great report from Rob York, the Essendon Scrabble Club Convenor and Tournament Organiser - thanks, Rob! The Club meets on Tuesday evenings at 7pm at the Essendon Senior Citizens Centre, 5 Kellaway Ave, Moonee Ponds - all new players and visitors welcome for a great Scrabble experience!
On Sunday 30th of September, following the devastating 2018 AFL Grand Final, 50 enthusiastic local Scrabblers turned out for the 2018 Essendon Scrabble Club Tournament. Despite a cancellation and the confusion of an extra late entry, by 9.40am the draw went up, the heads went down and the bingoes started flowing!!

Division C's Clever Clogs!
Dorothy Rice, John Metcalfe, Nicole Lowe

The Brains in Division B:
Rob York, Janet Bau, Phil Moller, John Rider

Unstoppable in Division A: Noel Coulter,
Norma Fisher, Dianne Davis, Mark Tully &
Anand Bharadwaj

The 2018 Victorian Committee: Nick Ivanovski,
Anand Bharadwaj, Gwen Lampre, Christie Godby,
Carol Johnsen, Peter Kougi, Norma Fisher
In Section A, Dianne Davis made COSSETED (149) and Noel Coulter found a purple patch, with a High Game of 587!! The A Section winner, with 7wins was Anand Bharadwaj, with a margin of +824. On 5 wins each, Norma Fisher's margin of +444 placed her in second, ahead of Mark Tully with +185.

Section B was very nearly an all-Essendon affair - Phil Moller played TRENDIES for 122 in the last game, to snare High Word from the clutches of Rob York, who instead had to settle for third place with 5 wins. John Rider and Janet Bau both had 6 wins, but John's margin of +271 paled before Janet's margin of +485. Janet also picked up High Game with 498!

Section C was also won by an Essendon player - young John Metcalf had a clean sweep with 7 wins, a margin of +882 and he also took out the High Game with 508! Second place went to Dorothy Rice with 6wins (+409) and Lynne Goodinson took out third with 4 wins (+303). Not to be outdone, Essendon's Nicole Lowe took High Word with FORTIFY for 93.

Norma Fisher, 3000
games! (file photo)
Special thanks go to Barry Harridge for his computer wizardry, the Essendon Scrabble Club members for their catering goodies, to John Taylor (still slightly jet-lagged) for taking on the kitchen duties and to Christie Godby for the Gluten-free cake!!

Special mention was made to Norma Fisher on achieving 3000 tournament games played in Australia (her medal is coming!). Norma has represented Australia in Trans-Tasman Challenges, and had played many uncounted games overseas, both in New Zealand and the United States, before settling here in 2001. Well done, Norma, a great achievement indeed!

People who made significant Rating gains included Mark Tully (+52), Norma Fisher & John Metcalf (both +44), Janet Bau (+41), John Rider (+36), Anand Bharadwaj +34, Rob York (+33) and Dilendra Nanayakkara (+31).
To check the full results of the 2018 Essendon Tournament click HERE

The 2018 Matchplay Kickoff Tournament

Qualifiers: Helen Hynes, Angie Pearse, Andrew
Fisher, Carol Johnsen, Matte Dunn. Front: Christie
Godby, Trevor Halsall, Peter Kougi

Matchplay Champ Andrew Fisher
Forty players attended to compete in this seven-game open event held on July 8th, to determine who would qualify to play in the subsequent knockout rounds.
Nick Ivanovski welcomed ex-Victorian player Helen Hynes from Queensland, and standby player Marj Miller was needed to even up the numbers. Nick moved the day along smoothly with help from his son and other players, and at the end of the day eight of the top nine finishers opted to contest the later rounds, with Helen Hynes unable to participate further due to her imminent return to Queensland.
Congratulations to all the qualifiers, and to the award winners on the day - many prizes were presented for various achievements including rating band prizes, high word and high game.
To check the full results of the 2018 Matchplay Qualifying Tournament click HERE

Update 30th July 2018: at the time of reporting the quarter finals have been completed, with Naween Fernando victorious over Angie Pearse, Andrew Fisher winning against Carol Johnsen and Peter Kougi winning against Matte Dunn. The most recently completed quarter final saw Trevor Halsall victorious over Christie Godby. Well done to all, more news will follow.

Happy Lina Camilleri with Peter Kougi,
also happy!

Glen Chandler, Dianne Gibson and Betty

John Rider, Mark Tully, John Parker,
and Rob York

Geoff Wright, Natasha Podesser and
Andrew Fisher

Final standings in the 2018 Matchplay

Congratulations to Andrew Fisher on winning this annual event, as always it was a tough contest!
Trevor Halsall 3
Peter Kougi 3
Andrew Fisher 3
Naween Fernando 3
Christie Godby 1
Matte Dunn 0
Carol Johnsen 0
Angie Pearse 1
Trevor Halsall 1
Andrew Fisher 4
Peter Kougi 4
Naween Fernando 3
Andrew Fisher 5
Peter Kougi 3

The Geelong Tournament ~ September 15, 2018

This event was held earlier in the year than usual, but still attracted 30 keen players to contest the 3 sections played.
A Division saw a great win to Kris Howat, who won five of the six games played, followed by Mary McMahon and Geoff Shepheard, both on four wins. Geoff took home both the High Game and High Word awards for the section, scoring 521 points and playing MINIBARS for 158 points. Well done Geoff! Barry Harridge remarked that he had been complaining about the rubbish he had been picking up in the 3 games before the lunch break, and then proceeded to kick off his 4th game with a bingo - RUBBISH (no blanks). And strangely, another of his games finished with neither blank being played. It is a strange game indeed!
In Division B local player Anne Menheere triumphed with the best margin of four players who finished on four wins each, a very close tussle. Second place went to Paula Messer, with Betty Egan third. Betty had a good day, winning the High Game award for her score of 505 points, and the High Word award for her play of OCREATE for 96 points.
Division C was won by Balada Catanchin on five wins, ahead of Marlene Ellis also on five wins, with Raelene Owen third on four wins. Marlene Ellis scored 473 points to win the High Game award, and Marisa Nuccitelli played RELAXED for 101 points to collect the High Word award.
People who made substantial ratings gains were Kris Howat +55, Anne Menheere +42, Balada Catanchin +34, Raelene Owen +32, Marlene Ellis +30, and Noel Coulter +27.
Thanks to Marlene Ellis and the Geelong Club members for their hospitality, and to Carol Johnsen for helping with the organisation, and acting as the Tournament Director.
To see the full results of the 2018 Geelong Tournament click HERE

The Australian Masters and State Team Challenge ~ September 8/9, 2018

The Victorian players - Masters winner Andrew Fisher,
Carol Johnsen, Trevor Halsall, Norma Fisher,
Peter Kougi and Gwen Lampre.

The winning team from the Australian Capital
Territory - Noel Barrett, John Spaan and
individual Challenge winner John Hamilton

The spacious and pleasant playing area at Southport R.S.L.

Scrabble Queensland were the hosts for this year's event, held at the Southport R.S.L. Club. Some travel arrangements were disrupted due to flight cancellations, with Chris May from New South Wales unable to play, and Roberta Tait from Queensland missing her spot in the Queensland team due to illness. Trish Brighton from Queensland filled in for Roberta, and the Masters were a player short. Tournament Organiser Martin Waterworth had the responsibility of sorting out these early problems, and play proceeded smoothly after he did this.
THE MASTERS: After 18 gruelling games the final positions were Andrew Fisher (Victoria, 1st on 14 wins), Peter Kougi (Victoria, 2nd/13), Cameron Farlow (Queensland, 3rd/12), Joanne Craig (New South Wales, 4th/11), and Trevor Halsall (Victoria 5th/10.5). Congrats to Andrew on his third win at this event, an excellent effort as this is always such a tough contest. Rael Hayman fron New South Wales scored 560 to win the High Game prize, and Adam Kretschmer from South Australia played MEDITATE for 158 points to secure the High Word award.
Previous MASTERS Champions: 2005 Trevor Halsall (Victoria), 2006 Bob Jackman (New South Wales), 2007 Naween Fernando (Victoria), 2008 David Eldar (Victoria), 2009 Andrew Fisher (Victoria), 2010 Peter Kougi (Victoria), 2011 Edward Okulicz (New South Wales), 2012 Edward won again, 2013 Alastair Richards (Queensland), 2014 Cameron Farlow (Queensland), 2015 Naween Fernando (Victoria), 2016 Joanne Craig (New South Wales), 2017 Andrew Fisher (Victoria), and again in 2018.

Masters winner Andrew Fisher, with
Jane Brown (Queensland) and Carol
Johnsen (Victoria)

Masters 2nd placed
Peter Kougi with
Jane Brown

Jane Brown with third
placed in the Masters,
Cameron Farlow

Joanne Craig from New
South Wales, fourth in
Masters (file photo)

Fifth in Masters,
Trevor Halsall
with Jane Brown

Jyoti Chandna, High Word in the Team
Challenge, with Jane Brown, Judy
Mason and Martin Waterworth

THE STATE TEAM CHALLENGE: the Victorian team struggled early, while the Australian Capital Territory established an early unassailable lead, with John Hamilton, Noel Barrett and John Spaan all playing extremely well and racking up 37 wins between them, the third highest in the history of this event!
The Victorian team improved greatly on the second day, and led strongly by Gwen Lampre worked their way up to finish in second place with 29 wins. Well done, Gwen Lampre, Norma Fisher and Carol Johnsen! South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania scored 28 wins per team, followed by Queensland on 20 wins and New South Wales on 19.
Individual place-getters in the Team Challenge were John Hamilton (Australian Capital Territory) on 16 wins, (well done, John!), Gwen Lampre (Victoria) second on 12 wins, and Dianne Brumby (Tasmania) third, also with 12 wins. Norma Fisher (Victoria) scored 525 to win High Game, and Jyoti Chandna (New South Wales) played DEVIATOR for 167 points to win High Word, well done to all.
Previous Champion Teams: 2005 South Australia (33 wins), 2006 Western Australia (38), 2007 Victoria (31), 2008 Queensland (32), 2009 Queensland (33), 2010 New South Wales (39), 2011 Queensland (33), 2012 New South Wales (31.5), 2013 South Australia (32.5), 2014 New South Wales (33), 2015 New South Wales (31), 2016 Western Australia (33), 2017 Victoria (31.5), and 2018 the Australian Capital Territory (37).
Congratulations to ASPA Queensland on your successful running of this event, all who attended were appreciative of your efforts.
To check the full results of the 2018 Australian Masters and State Team Challenge in the National Archive click HERE

The A.G.M. Tournament ~ Sunday August 19, 2018

Relaxing at lunchtime: Dominica Krstic, Angie
Winkler, Annette Casey, Mark Tully
Forty-four players took part in this annual tournament, and attended the Association's Annual General meeting which took place after the fourth game.
Tournament Organiser and Association President Carol Johnsen welcomed everyone, with a special welcome to newish player Carolyn Miller who had played Club scrabble for some years, and in the Saturday Session tournament the previous week - I hope you enjoyed the day, Carolyn!
The A.G.M. saw all Committee members returned, with the exception of Treasurer Rob Hutchinson who has stepped down due to personal commitments - thank you for serving on the Committee for the past couple of years, Rob. The position of Treasurer is currently vacant so if you know of anyone who might like to do the job please let President Carol know. The meeting voted to increase the number of ordinary committee members to six, and Anand Bharadwaj is the new member - Anand's scholastic achievements are notable, and he has a particular interest in promoting Youth Scrabble. Good luck, Anand!
The tournament started punctually and was very enjoyable, with delicious food provided in the breaks by caterer Liz Mc Kean and her mum. Thanks to you both, we all enjoyed it!
Division A saw Naween Fernando win all 7 games, well done, Naween. Second placed was Nick Ivanovski on 5 wins, with Dianne Davis third, also on 5 wins. The High Game prize went to Nick Ivanovski (594 points, the highest overall on the day) and Mark Tully plyed NARTJIES for 119 points to take home the High Word Award.
Division B was strongly contested, with June Valentine the victor on 6 wins, followed by Elaine Capewell and Dorothy Barraclough who both won 5 games. Elaine took home both the High Game and High Word prizes for her score of 506, and her play of SWEETEN for 98 points. Well done, everyone.
Division C was won by Asley McKeown, who won 6 games to finish clear of Laura Khan and Annette Casey on 5 wins each. Annette scored 487 points to collect the High Game Award, and Laura played QUACKED for 130 points to win the High Word Award - this was the highest word score for the day, nice play, Laura.
Excellent ratings gains on the day were achieved by June Valentine +48, Rena Aitken +44, Dianne Davis +33, Annette Casey +31 and Dorothy Barraclough +31. Ashley McKeon increased his provisional rating by 182 points, well done, Ashley and everyone, a great effort from all.

Division A: Naween Fernando, Dianne Davis,
Nick Ivanovski, Mark Tully

June Valentine, Elaine Capewell, multiple
winners in Division B

Multiple winners in Division C:
Annette Casey & Laura Khan

Second time tournament player, Carolyn
Miller, with regular Lina Camilleri

To see the full results of the 2018 AGM Tournament click HERE

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