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The Australian Championship and Plate, March 31 - April 2 2018

Edward Okulicz from New South Wales, the
delighted 2018 Australian Scrabble Champion

CASPA President Carol Johnsen (Victoria) with Tournament
Organiser and Director John Hamilton (ACT)
The 2018 National Championship and Plate were well organised in Canberra by the team from the Australian Capital Territory, led by President John Hamilton, Susan MacGillivray and Christine Foot, with help from several other Canberrans, including Phillip Hamilton. Phillip played several games to keep the numbers even in the Championship, and Webmaster Barry Harridge from Victoria posted regular updates of the standings as well as playing the last game as someone had to leave early. John organised the live-streaming of some games with his young helpers, and this was appreciated by many. Well done to you all, it was a most enjoyable event.

The Bradman Stand at Manuka Oval proved to be a pleasant venue, with Canberra's lovely weather enabling welcome access to the balconies and seating surrounding the ground, and easy access to the Manuka Shopping strip which was great for those seeking lunch. Support from sponsors Communities at Work, the Argyle Hotel and delivery firm Deliveroo was greatly appreciated by all.

As always this 3-day 24-game Championship was contested by a tough field, with a total of 89 players taking part. All but five of the top twenty-five Australians competed, joined by one of Malaysia's toughest players Yeo Kian Hung, and welcome regular visitor Cheah Siu Hean from Singapore, always a challenge to win against.
There were six different leaders throughout, with Yeo Kian Hung in first place after Rounds 1,2 and 14, Cameron Farlow (Queensland) lead after Round 3, Jakob Teitelbaum (A.C.T.) lead after Round 4, Daniel Piechnick (South Australia) lead following Rounds 5, 16, and 18-21, Esther Perrins (New South Wales) lead after Round 17, and the Champion Edward Okulicz (N.S.W) lead after Rounds 6-13, 15, and 22-24.

Daniel Piechnick,
second place

Yeo Kian Hung, third place, with John Hamilton
and Webmaster Barry Harridge

Jakob Teitelbaum, fourth
place and High Rating Gain

Esther Perrins,
fifth place

Chris May,
sixth place

Naween Fernando,

Trevor Halsall,
eighth place
Edward finished on 18 wins, half a game clear of Daniel Peichnick on 17.5, and Yeo Kian Hung on 17. Congrats to Edward on such a fine performance, it was a well deserved win to someone who does so much for Scrabble. This is Edward's second title, the last being in 2001, so he was delighted to win after such a long break.
The High Game Award went to Andrew Fisher for a great score of 642, and Anand Bharadwaj's excellent play of HERBIEST for 194 points won the prize for High Word. Jakob Teitelbaum from the A.C.T. won the High Rating Gain for the Championship gaining 105 points, well done, Jakob and everyone else, as far as I could see the tournament was played in excellent spirits, and it was a delight to take part.

Russell Honeybun Western Australia, Naween Fernando Victoria,
Graham Lock Lee New South Wales, and Andrew Fisher Victoria,
High Game Award winner (642)

Anand Bharadwaj, Victoria,
High Word Award winner for
HERBIEST, 194 points

Ian Ting from Western
Australia, winner Rating
Band 1400-1600

Dianne Davis, Victoria,
second place in Rating
Band 1400-1600

Katie Rowe from Victoria,
winner Rating Band Under

Geoff Shepheard, Victoria,
second place Rating Band
Under 1400

This event was also hotly contested, with 60 keen Australians vying for one of the many prizes on offer. The lead changed many times, with the following leading at various times: Alan Mathews (Western Australia) lead the field after Games 1,3,and 6, John Salmon (Western Australia) lead after Game 2, Susan Roberts (South Australia) lead after Game 4, Kannan Sethuraman (Victoria) lead after Game 5, Suzy Brownlow (Queensland) lead after games 7-8 and 10-11, Shaun Donnelly (Victoria) lead after Game 9, and Games 12-19. At this stage all Victorians were hopeful that Shaun would win the Plate, but his unlucky third day saw Don Hadley from New South Wales take charge, emerging as the winner after leading from Games 20-24. Congratulations, Don, a well-deserved win.
Don finished half a game clear on 17 wins, ahead of second-placed Francoise Finlayson, with Suzy Brownlow third and Ronnie Bennett fourth, both on 16 wins. The next four placegetters won 15 games, with Rhona Kenyon fifth, Shaun Donnelly sixth, Larissa Huxley seventh, and Phil Moller eighth.

Don Hadley N.S.W., first &
Rating Band 1000-1200

Francoise Finlayson, South
Australia, Plate second

Ronnie Bennett, Australian,
Capital Territory, Plate fourth

Rhona Kenyon, Australian,
Capital Territory, Plate fifth

Shaun Donnelly, Victoria,
Plate sixth

Larissa Huxley, Queensland,
Plate seventh

Phil Moller, Victoria,
Plate eighth
High Game for the Plate was won by Benjamin Lee for his great score of 536, and Terry Horan took home the High Word Award for playing JETLINER for 185 points.
Ratings band prizes were awarded to Don Hadley and Suzy Brownlow for best performed players rated 1000-1200, and Louisa Atsas and Liz Jackman were rewarded as best rated players Under 1000. The Overall Ratings Gain Award was won by Heather Sorensen, who gained the amazing amount of 101 points. Well done to everyone, it was a great contest indeed, and worthy of mention is the number of prizes won by the host state, the Australian Capital Territory. Well done to you all!

Benjamin Lee, Western
Australia, High Game 536

Terry Horan, A.C.T., Plate
High Word 185

Heather Sorensen, A.C.T.,
Plate - Highest Rating Gain

Louisa Atsas, South
Australia, Best Under 1000

Liz Jackman, N.S.W., second
Rating Band Under 1000

John Barker is honoured in song by good friends New
South Welshmen George Khamis and Graeme Lock Lee
All awards were presented at a celebration dinner which was held at Rydges Hotel not far from Manuka Oval, and apart from the delight for those who received awards a highlight of the night was an award and congratulations extended to New South Wales player John Barker who recently played his 7000th tournament game in Australia, as well as many more overseas in various cuntries. John is a great supporter of Scrabble, well done, John. Graeme Lock Lee and George Khamis honoured John with a musical tribute, with Graeme playing his trusty ukulele. Edward's acceptance speech was delightful, once again well done, Edward!
The 2019 Championship and Plate will be hosted by Tasmania over the Easter break, April 20-22nd, and I look forward to catching up with many of you there.

To check the full results of the Championship and the Plate in the Australian archive click HERE

The Nationals Warmup Tournament ~ March 25, 2018

This open 7-game event attracted 52 players who enjoyed the day out, with new caterer Livia Caulfield doing a wonderful job with a lovely variety of goodies. Thanks, Livia! President Carol Johnsen welcomed the players, including new player John Ryan. John enjoyed his baptism of fire, winning two games and achieving a provisional rating of 680, well done, John. It was lovely to have our Tasmanian friend Frances Adams playing - Frances is on her way to Canberra with good friend Katie Rowe for the National Championship, so good luck, Frances and everyone.

Overall top three placegetters - Geoff
Wright, Katie Rowe & John Rider

Winners rated 1000-1300 - Noel Coulter,
Diane Stoyan & Rob Hutchinson

Winners rated below 1000 - Rena Aitken,
Annette Casey - absent: Laura Khan

The High Word and High Game winners -
Gwen Lampre and Sue Bridges
Overall the top three placegetters were Geoff Wright who was delighted to take first place, followed by John Rider and Katie Rowe. (Good play, everyone!) All were on six wins separated only by margin, so it was a very close contest indeed. John had been uncertain whether to play in the Championship or the Plate in Canberra at Easter, but the decision has been made for him - John has reached a rating of 1300 which precludes him from entering the Plate.

The second rating band (1000-1300) also saw three players finish on 5 wins with Rob Hutchinson in first place, Noel Coulter came in second, and Diane Stoyan placed third. Well played, all! Noel is looking forward to the Nationals, and will be a formidable opponent for many of the players.

In the third rating band (below 1000) Rena Aitken had a wonderful day, finishing on four wins as did second-placed Laura Khan and Annette Casey. All three are improving their Scrabble, which is great. Well played, girls!

An overall High Game Award was won by Sue Bridges for a great game score of 573, and Gwen Lampre took home the overall High Word Award for her excellent play of EXITING for 141 points.

New player on the day, John Ryan - welcome
to tournament play, John

Angie Winkler, Trish Magee, Mal Eden and
Elize Plaganyi

Oliver Podesser plays Geoff Shepheard,
with Diane Stoyan playing Laura Khan

Mythili Rudra plays Rob Hutchinson, and
Katie Rowe plays Jenny Brysha
Notable ratings gains were achieved by the following: John Rider +65, Laura Khan +56, Geoff Wright +46, and Annette Casey +41. Well done to everyone, and thank you to all who helped in any way, your assistance is appreciated as always.
To see the full results of the Nationals Warmup click HERE

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Happening over Easter - the National Championship and Plate

The Australian Capital Territory's John Hamilton, with helpers Susan McGillivray, Philip Hamilton and others, has been busy organising these events, to be played at Manuka Oval, Manuka Circuit, Griffith in Canberra from March 31st to April 2nd.
Both sections will play 24 games: 8 on Saturday, 9 on Sunday, and 7 on Monday. Players rated 1300 and above will play in the Championship, while those below 1300, with a few exceptions, will take part in the Plate. John Hamilton is the Tournament Director, and Victoria's Barry Harridge is the Webmaster for the event.
Here are the top twelve contenders (eight are previous Australian Champions, some multiple winners) with their home state or country, in no particular order:

Peter Kougi

Edward Okulicz
New South Wales

Naween Fernando

Russell Honeybun
Western Australia

Anand Bharadwaj

Trevor Halsall

Andrew Fisher

Chrs May
New South Wales

Esther Perrins
New South Wales

Cameron Farlow

Yeo Kian Hung

Daniel Piechnick
South Australia
Good luck to all contenders in both the Championship and the Plate, and if you'd like to follow the event over the Easter weekend click HERE

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Saturday Sessions lll ~ Saturday March 10, 2018

Lovely blue skies over St. Gabriel's, Reservoir

Champs in Div A - Trevor Halsall, Andrew
Fisher, Edward Okulicz, Naween Fernando.
All are playing in the Australian Scrabble
Championship in Canberra at Easter, and it
promises to be an intriguing event!
The third Saturday Session (in the first group of four) saw 42 players take part, with Edward Okulicz from New South Wales joining Division A to give the top-rated players some different tough opposition.
Division A - Trevor Halsall won all five games and achieved his highest rating level in his entire Scrabble history, well done, Trevor!
Division B - the closest-fought section, but Carol Johnsen continued on her winning way - Carol has won all three Division B medals to date.
Division C - Barry Harridge was very hard to beat, winning four games ahead of the rest of the field.
Division D - Shaun Donnelly was one of two people to win all five games, well done on your win, Shaun.
Division E - Robin Steward also won five games to convincingly win his section - good play, Robin.
Division F - Balada Catanchin played well to win this section with four wins - well done, Balada.
Division G - Annette Casey won four games to win her first trophy, great play, Annette!

Division A Winner,
Trevor Halsall

Division B winner, Carol
Johnsen with Rod Casey

Division C winner,
Barry Harridge

Division D winner,
Shaun Donnelly

Top in Division E,
Robin Steward

Champ in Division F,
Balada Catanchin

Division E winner,
Annette Casey

Annette Casey plays Margaret Peterson, with
Rebeccah Booth playing Oscar Ivanovski

Happy Div F players - Balada Catanchin, Ann
Goodwin, Norma Engel, Marisa Nuccitelli

Division C contestants - Barry Harridge,
Lynn Weaver, Rob York

The end of a good day - Nick Ivanovski with
Kashi Thiris and Faye Leeder
Happy players who raised their ratings substantially were: Robin Steward +45, Trevor Halsall +42, Balada Catanchin +39, Shaun Donnelly +38, Barry Harridge +31, and Annette Casey +29. Well done, everyone. The major cash prizes will be handed out after the fourth Saturday Session, which is scheduled for April 14th.
To check the full results of Saturday Sessions lll click HERE

The annual Langwarrin Tournament ~ March 4, 2018

The Langwarrin crew: Peter Attwood, Alan Burn,
Geoff Gittus, Mardi Healy.
Top: Katie Rowe, Chris Radin, Elaine Capewell
This was the 18th yearly event run by the Langwarrin Club, well done, Langwarrin members! 42 players contested three sections at the Langwarrin Community Centre, and it was a happy well-run occasion. Thanks to Tournament Director Carol Johnsen and Club Convenor Mardi Healy and all her willing helpers who did such a great job and provided a wonderful array of food to keep us all well nourished. It really was delightful!

The outstanding performance on the day came from Dianne Davis in Division AVIARY - Dianne won all six games, well done, Di. Second place went to Frank Csarics on five wins, with Noel Coulter third on four wins, a good comeback, Noel. The High Game Award went to Geoff Shepheard for his score of 496, and Jenny Brysha's play of SEIZERS for 108 points won her the High Word Award. Jenny also earned herself a place in the National 2018 records with her opening play of QINTArS for 100 points, well done, Jenny.

In BEACH Division Marj Miller won five games, a little ahead on margin of Rob York also on five wins, with Mal Eden finishing third on four wins after a slow start to the day. The High Game Award went to Mal Eden for his score of 511, and Rob York took home the High Word Award for his play of INTERSEX for 98 points.

CURRAJONG Division saw Langwarrin player Geoff Gittus come out on top, winning five games ahead of Latha Weerakkody and Ann Goodwin, both on four wins. The High Game Award went to Latha Weerakkody for her excellent score of 469 points, and the High Word Award was won by Eileen Mills for playing SQUARES for 91 points.

AVIARY Champs: Geoff Shepheard, Frank Csarics,
Jenny Brysha, Dianne Davis and Noel Coulter

BEACH division winners: Mal Eden, Marj Miller
and Rob York

The CURRAJONG winners: Geoff Gittus, Latha
Weerakkody, Ann Goodwin and Eileen Mills
Some happy players achieved excellent ratings gains on the day - Dianne Davis +49, Noel Coulter +46, Frank Csarics +38, Rob York +34, Geoff Gittus +34, and Eileen Mills +31. Congratulations to you all!
To see the full results of the Langwarrin tournament click HERE

Saturday Sessions 11 ~ February 24, 2018

Saturday Sessions 2 - Rebeccah Booth at the centre

Rob York and Shaun Donnelly at the head of Table D

Three generations of the
Ivanovski family played -
Doreen, Nick, Oscar

Winner of Division F:
Elizabeth McKean.
Liz now has 2 wins

Division C winner,
Geoff Shepheard.
Geoff is also on two wins

Carol Johnsen,
winner of Division B
for the second time

The victor in Division G,
Marisa Nuccitelli,
who won all 5 games

Triumphant in Division D,
Rob York,
winner of all 5 games

Winner of Division A,
Andrew Fisher,
on the comeback trail

First tournament for
Margaret Peterson
from the Watsonia Club
To see the full results of Saturday Sessions 2 click HERE

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The Annual Melbourne Team Challenge ~ February 11, 2018

Ann Goodwin, Jenny Brysha, Phil Moller, Natasha Podesser,
Oliver Podesser, Lina Camilleri and Siva Sivapalasundram,
who received his 1000 game badge earlier in the day

Play in progress, with the Twinkles playing the Black Caps at Bench A, and the Green Caps playing the Bunnies
at Bench B

Once again 56 players arrived to compete in the Team Challenge, a round robin type event with 8 teams of 7 players playing their opposite number in the seven opposing teams. The teams are worked out according to ratings in one of Barry Harridge's clever programs, and this year it worked like a dream. Thanks to Barry the event got off to a smooth start, which it hasn't always done!

The Black Caps (2nd) Marisa Nuccitelli, Christiane
McCann, Paula Messer, Noel Coulter, Angie
Pearse, Lynne Goodinson, Norma Fisher

The Bunnies (3rd) Back: Dianne Davis, Rob York,
Glenys Dettmann, Katie Rowe.
Front: Fintan Conway, June Valentine

The Robin Hoods (4th) Carol Mascitti, Gayle
Cameron, Annette Casey, Lynn Weaver, John
Rider, Mythili Rudra

The Pirates (5th) Mary Mackie, David Eldar, John
Parker, Rob Hutchinson, Dominica Krstic,
Elizabeth McKean, Angie Winkler
Highlight of the day was the performance of the GREEN CAPS (congratulations to you all!) who finished 2 games clear of the BLACK CAPS, with the BUNNIES just behind on margin. Well done, Green Caps! Other high achievers were those who won all seven games, and not surprisingly the three who achieved this filled the top three places in the concurrent individual contest, well done David Eldar, Michael Smitheram and Shaun Donnelly. (David has enjoyed his time at home in Melbourne, and has since returned to his other home in England. We look foward to your next visit, David.) The overall High Game Award went to Peter Kougi for his excellent score of 568, and the High Word Award went to Paula Messer for her play of QUASHED for 109. Well done to everyone.

The Builders (6th) Rebeccah Booth, Glen
Chandler, Shaun Donnelly, Elize Plaganyi,
Lorraine Thomas, Dorothy Hunt, Andrew Fisher

The Blue Caps (7th) Christie Godby, Peter
Kougi, Latha Weerakkody, Elaine McGinnes,
Barry Harridge, Kris Howat, Rena Aitken

The Twinkles (8th) Elaine Capewell, Laura
Khan, Geoff Shepheard, John Metcalf, Lorna
Patching, Faye Leeder, Gwen Lampre

President Carol Johnsen presented June
Valentine with her 1000 game badge -
congratulations, June!
Two people received badges to mark 1000 tournament games played, congrats to June Valentine and Siva Sivapalasundram. Our caterer for the day was Khwanjai Thammaping, thanks for a great job well done, Khwanjai, it was appreciated. Tournament Director for the day was myself, but I had a very easy day as our Standby Player Carol Johnsen wasn't needed to play and handled the computer input and many other jobs for me, thanks Carol! Also a big thank you to our Resources Officer Norma Fisher for her ongoing input to tournaments in Victoria - Norma found that her battery was flat when she was about to leave her country home, and made a very quick trip down the Calder Highway after her son was able to get her on the way. Lastly, thanks to all our members who assisted with setting up in the morning and packing up at the end of the day, your help is invaluable!

Individual topdogs on the day - Shaun Donnelly,
David Eldar and Michael Smitheram

High Word and High Game Award winners, Paula
Messer and Peter Kougi

Happy players - Ann Goodwin, Marisa Nuccitelli
and Balada Catanchin

Some of the workers - Marj Miller, Barry Harridge,
Carol Johnsen and Khwanjai Thammaping
As always there were some players whose rating benefitted greatly from the Team Challenge: Michael Smitheram +200 (provisional rating), Shaun Donnelly +77, Annette Casey +53, Glen Chandler +53 and Lynn Weaver +52.
To see the full results of the Melbourne Team Challenge click HERE

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The Inaugural Saturday Session, February 3rd 2018!

Organiser of the Saturday Sessions, and
Tournament Director - Nick Ivanovski

Clare Ivanovski, who looked after our needs
for the day - thanks, Clare!
February 3 saw the first of eight Saturday Scrabble tournaments held, and the first for St Gabriel's Primary School in Reservoir as a venue. 42 players divided into 7 groups of 6 for a 5 game round robin tournament. It saw three players attend their first tournament in quite some time as Heather Iapozzuto, Robin Steward and Doreen Ivanovski joined 39 other players. At the top of the divisions we had the current World Champion David Eldar joining former Australian Champions Andrew Fisher, Peter Kougi and Naween Fernando, making the field a very strong one.
The format sees players all accrue individual points that lead up to earning cash prizes after the fourth tournament. Winners of each division received an engraved Scrabble Sessions medallion. Congratulations to our inaugural division winners, David Eldar, Carol Johnsen, Geoff Shepheard, John Metcalf, Dorothy Barraclough, Elizabeth McKean and Oscar Ivanovski.
Several players achieved excellent rating gains, and this will be important following the fourth Saturday Session when the cash prizes are handed out - Carol Johnsen +48, Rod Casey +37, John Metcalf +34, Elizabeth McKean +33, and Robin Steward +32.
To see the full results of this event in the National Archive click HERE

Players in Division F, from left - Glenys
Dettmann, winner Liz Mackean, Elize
Plaganyi, Christiane McCann

Hard workers in Division E - Christie
Godby, Doreen Ivanovski, Heather
Iapozutto, winner Dorothy Barraclough

Division B - Norma Fisher plays Geoff
Wright with Andrew Fisher standing and
Rod Casey seated at the table

Time for a catchup between games - Lynn
Weaver and Carol Mascitti enjoy a chat in
the breakout area

Regular tournament
players Angie Pearse
and Peter Kougi

Division G - Lina Camilleri, Angie Winkler,
Ann Goodwin, Faye Leeder, Marisa Nuccitelli
and the winner Oscar Ivanovski

Division A players - Naween Fernando plays
Mythili Rudra, with Rod Casey playing
Angie Pearse at Table B.

Division C - top player Geoff Shepheard
with Diane Stoyan, Shaun Donnelly, John
Parker and Mal Eden

Division A winner David Eldar plays Peter
Kougi - serious Scrabble indeed!
With Rod Casey and Geoff Wright

Doreen Ivanovski,
who hadn't played a
tournament since 2003

Victorians do extremely well at the C.S.I.M.! January 27/28 2018

Winners at the C.S.I.M. Edward Okulicz, Peter Kougi, Andrew Fisher,
Naween Fernando, Trevor Halsall and David Eldar

N.S.W. President Bob Jackman with Ratings Band
prizewinners Alan Burn and Jyoti Chandna
This prestigious open tournament - the City of Sydney International Masters - was contested by 44 players, with several interstate players attending, including eight from Victoria. John Hamilton from the Australian Capital Territory ably directed the event, organised chiefly by the President of the New South Wales Scrabble Association, Bob Jackman, and it took place at the Bankstown Sports Club.
Prizes were given down to sixth place, and Victorians took out the top five places, in the following order - David Eldar, Trevor Halsall, Naween Fernando, Andrew Fisher and Peter Kougi, with Edward Okulicz from N.S.W. filling sixth place. Alan Burn from Victoria collected the prize for best performed player rated from 1400-1700, and Jyoti Chandna from N.S.W. took home the award for best performed player rated below 1400.
The High Game Award went to Joanne Craig for her brilliant score of 641, and Ron Baginski played SENNIGHT for 158 points to take home the High Word Award. Well done to all prizewinners, you are to be congratulated on your achievements.
To see the full results click HERE

The first Victorian tournament for 2018 - The Bil Rose Aestival, January 14

64 players contested the annual Bil Rose Aestival, a perfect number for a Round Robin, resulting in 8 groups of 8 players. Sections were named after tennis players: Aiava, Barty, Cabrera, De Minaur, Ebden, Federer, Gavrilova and Hewitt. Some players participated whom we hadn't seen playing for a while, including Jenny Plant, Ellen Frajman, and Diane and Wayne Stoyan - welcome back, everyone. We also welcomed Benjamin Lee, visiting from Western Australia to sing at the Melbourne Town Hall, and to take some valuable ratings points back to the west. Well played, Ben. There was a theme word prize for the best word relating to TENNIS, and this was won by Gill Renwick for her play of NET.

Some of the worthy winners: Benjamin
Lee (De Minaur), Janet Bau (Cabrera),
Geoff Wright (Barty) & David Eldar

More champions: Balada Catanchin
(Gavrilova), Khwanjai Thammaping
(Ebden), Dominica Krstic (Federer),
Jeremy Yip (Hewitt)

Hgh Game & High Word Winners:
Jeremy Yip: HG Divs E-H, Rod Casey:
HG Divs A-D, Dianne Gibson: HW Divs
A-D, Kannan Sethuraman: HW Divs E-H

Benjamin Lee, visiting from Western
Australia for the performance of "Light
The Dark" on Saturday evening at the
Melbourne Town Hall. Well done, Ben!

The Australian Open is about to start
and the prize for the best tennis word
was a ticket to the Open. Gillian
played "NET" to score the prize.
AIAVA saw David Eldar victorious on 6 wins, losing only to Anand Bharadwaj, with Naween Fernando and Peter Kougi in second and third places on 5 wins.
BARTY was won by Geoff Wright on 6 wins, with his only loss being to Mary McMahon. Dianne Davis placed second on 5 wins with John Rider third on 4.
CABRERA was keenly fought with Janet Bau placing first on 5 wins, with Angie Pearse second also on 5 wins, and Rod Casey third on 4 wins.
De MINAUR saw our visitor from Western Australia, Benjamin Lee, place first on 7 wins, followed by Dianne Gibson and Cheryle Jerram, both on 4 wins.
EBDEN was also keenly contested and was won by Khwanjai Thammaping on 5 wins, with Siva Sivapalasundram and John Metcalf second and third on 4 wins.
FEDERER saw Dominica Krstic place first on 6 wins, losing only to Laura Khan. Dorothy Barraclough was second on 5, with Christiane McCann third on 4.
GAVRILOVA was also keenly fought out, with Balada Catanchin first on 5 wins, followed by Lynne Goodinson also on 5, and Jenny Plant on 4.
HEWITT was a happy place for Jeremy Yip in his second tournament - Jeremy won all 7 games, followed by Fintan Conway and Geoff Gittus on 5 wins each.

Friends Lorna Patching and Dorothy
Barraclough, enjoying the day

Jenny Plant has returned after a break,
with Lynne Goodinson

Fintan Conway with his mum Hilary
Conway, and Tim Whiting

Two of our regular players, Paula
Messer and Geoff Shepheard

Good friends and travel companions
Balada Catanchin and Elaine McGinnes
Jeremy Yip gained 199 provisional ratings points, and other high achievers were Benjamin Lee +75, Geoff Wright +43, Dominica Krstic +40, Janet Bau +32 and Balada Catanchin +32.
Thanks to all who helped in any way, and to see the full results click HERE

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